We do what we love

Our passion for IT is insurmountable. We delight in geeking out while developing and implementing new technologies as the perfect solution for our clients.

Sensible Technologies

Our unrestricted approach to solutions allows us to develop and implement the most intelligent technologies regardless of platform or environment.

Secure Data

The security and integrity of our client's data is paramount. We are heavily invested in ensuring that our client can maintain peace of mind that their data is safe and secure.

Flexible Development

We know business requirements change. We approach solution development with the idea that requirements will change and we can rapidly implement those changes.

Business Oriented

Our forward-looking approach to developing solutions allows your solutions to easily grow with your organization.

Security and Protection

Consulting Services

Cyber Security

Cybersecurity is a white hot topic these days. Reports of data breaches, ransomware, and botnets can be heard on a daily basis from popular media outlets. It is imperative that individuals and organizations adjust their routine to adequately protect themselves from cyber threats.

Cloud Infrastructure

Virtualization has changed the way content is distributed through the world wide web. The cloud brings new ways of establishing an online presence and delivering to content to customers. Through public and private clouds, content can be segmented to manage the needs of internal tools while still providing for customers through the public cloud.

Software Engineering

Custom software development is the bedrock on which Janyx was founded. Open source frameworks are excellent for getting minimally viable products to market and fundraising. When open source products live past their shelf life, custom applications are the best option to scale or contract technology assets with the organization.

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Victim of an internet crime?

If you are in danger, please contact your local emergency services. If you believe your computer use may be monitored, please use a computer at a safe location. If you feel you are a victim of an internet crime, please read the article How to Respond as an Internet Crime Victim.

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